Gameover Land

Gameover Land: The Fall of Bermina

It's a game being created by Leetfaction (Brandon) and Howell (Ian).
The game is being developed with RPG Maker XP.

If you want to try out the demo, you'll need to sign up for the site. Don't worry, it's fast, easy and free!

The Story

During the middle of the night, a strange, cloaked figure appears in the town of Blocton. He claimed himself to be The Maze Lord, master of puzzles and contraptions. He simply wanted to run a business in town where people could win treasures for their efforts to take on his "games". These games were often very dangerous, so the townsfolk demanded that he leave. Enraged, The Maze Lord stormed out of town, telling the people that their days were numbered.

A few moons later, dark magic began to violently tear apart the sky and started spreading throughout the land of Bermina, devouring it into The Maze Lord's deadly realm, Gameover Land, his most difficult game of all.

With his new sidekick and his apprentice, He intends to seek out a lone man in the woods and destroy him, the same man destined to stop him according to "The Plot", a magical scroll passed down by the heir of Bermina.

Meanwhile, way far out in the Greenwood Forest, the lone man sleeps in solitude until he is disturbed by a piercing blast, burning his house down to ashes. Confused and infuriated, he quickly dashes off into the woods to find the culprit, only to later realize that Bermina itself is at stake unless he steps up to stop the evil that has been placed on the land.